Automatic Doors


  • Energy savings: Automatic doors can help preserve conditioned air and therefore reduce your building’s heating and cooling costs.

  • Touchless entry: With an automated door, no one has to touch shared surfaces like door handles. This helps prevent the spread of germs.

  • Convenience: People always appreciate the convenience of hands-free building entry, especially when carrying grocery bags, wrangling their kids, or bringing home a new piece of heavy furniture.

  • Microwave beam motion detectors send out pulses of microwaves that measure the reflections of moving objects.

  • implement touchless entry at a multifamily building or a commercial property with restricted access, you’ll need an automatic door and an access control system or video intercom.

Sliding doors

Ideal for two-way traffic, automatic sliding doors may be hung from overhead tracks or mounted with tracks and rollers.

Swinging doors

Ideal for one-way traffic, automatic swinging doors open either in or out.


Colour Selector

Explore our selection of standard anodized finishes and powder coat colours to determine the colour scheme that works best for you.

Glass Solutions

Address heat, noise, safety, glare and fading - after all, your business, your home, your glass.