Curtain Walls

Design Flexibility

  • We work alongside the client, architect and local authorities to ensure that the design and appeal matches both expectation and planning guidelines

  • Whether your requirement is aluminium or frameless glazing, a shopfront remains the focal point of a companies image and pavement appeal.

  • We are delighted to discuss every option from manual door closer applications, automatic entrances, glazing types and DDA requirements.

Design & Engineering

  • Rehman's Shop-front has developed and demonstrated a capability to convert an original design concept into reality. Our team of in-house engineers ensures compliance with all relevant building codes and standards.

  • With all operations UK-based, We can provide all the resources and experience necessary for the successful completion of your next curtain wall project.

Project Management

  • Competent and strategic project management is the key to the timely completion of any construction project.

  • An assigned Project Manager will follow a well-structured plan while diligently monitoring fabrication, installation, quality and documentation to ensure our best endeavours in the adherence of your project’s construction program.

Site Installation

  • Rehman's Shop-Front directly employs experienced curtain wall technicians to guarantee the most ‘capable’ resources and specialist knowledge is available for your project. Supplementary labour is sourced through third-party installation companies chosen from our approved subcontractor list.

  • Rehman's Shop-Front also has access to a range of specialised handling equipment essential to the safe and efficient use of on-site personnel.