Annealed glass

This type of glass is basic glass it is easy to break and very dangerous as when broken is forms big peace of glass that are very sharp. the only advantage is that is cheap.

Tempered or Toughened Glass

This glass have an increased mechanical resistance to breakage and when it does break, causes it to produce small, regular, typically square fragments rather then long, dangerous shards that are far more likely to lead to injuries.

Laminated Glass

This glass is a common option where increased security may be needed. Annealed or Heat Strengthened or Tempered or Toughened Glass can all be laminated and the finished product is two sheets of toughened glass, laminated together with a 1.52mm PVB interlayer. This interlayer help the glass to stay together when broken and reduce the chance of hazards till it is replaced.

Double Glazing

This type of glass is made up from tow panes of Tempered or Toughened Glass with a space between them that ultimately creates an insulating barrier and the gap is filled by insulating gas, protecting your shop or office from losing heat and helping keep the energy bills down. This type of glass also reduce noise in side the shop or office from outside and the other way around.

Double glazing shop fronts glass installation and replacement, glazing projects service provide.